5 Reasons Why I Avoid Guests at Home

September 12, 2017

If you are anyway connected to me, you might have felt that, I try to avoid. I try to avoid talking, discussing, smiling, socializing and there is a reason to it. Im mostly always into my work and over years, I have ended up with multiple ventures of mine, which just needs more time and it becomes impossible for me to manage the companies, team members, tasks, client meetings, project delivery, auditing, fine tuning, etc if I waste a minute in a day too.

While in India, Im either working on my computer, writing some notes or working out in the gym, or sleeping just for the sake of the fuel to body. My wife is my only friend, to whom I speak to and discuss things. Guests at home, tend to waste a lot of your time and the productivity goes in a toss. I work like 3 hours in the early morning at home and then 5 hours in the night. So its like 8 hours for me at home, when I do not want to get disturbed at all. My wife works with me too and handles most of my paper work and accounting part to verify transactions of all the companies. So, she cannot afford to waste her time too. On top of that, uninvited house guests are one of the most frustrating parts of being a home owner. Not only do they upset your day-to-day existence, but the fact that you don’t want them around can drive you crazy.
So, here are the 5 reasons I avoid you, or any kind of guests to my home.

Food Choices

Normally, Im on a regular KETO diet and my wife as well. Now having guests, it comes to the point of the diet mismatch, as it becomes almost impossible to cook different kind of food for each member. Eventually, that wastes time.

Unwanted Discussions

This is one major point! I stay away from any kind of discussions, chit chat, talks, etc as I simply dont have time to sit with anyone and talk, due to my waiting task list all throughout the day. Now, if you have guests, you end up talking to them or discussing something, which breaks the concentration and then takes time to get back to work.

Broken Time Slots

Every human being has his own time slot for everything. Like I sleep at 2am everyday almost. I might have some guest who sleeps at 5am and then he wants me to talk to him or listen to his stories till 5am, just because he is not sleepy. That breaks my time slots and productivity goes in a toss the next day at work.


Many guests have a weird tendency of disturbing you, no matter how much you try to avoid them. They start disturbing you while you are in the middle of an important meeting or even typing a sensitive email. Its very tough to explain to make them believe, how serious it is for you.


This is another major factor. Many guests try to treat the home as a hotel, like they hamper the cleanliness thinking someone be there to fix it anyways. Thats a very poor mentality. Organization in life starts from how clean you stay, work, eat, live. You end up wasting a lot of time then to fix everything and get the home back to shape, how it used to be.

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