3 Best Websites to Book Cheap International Air Tickets

There are many online flight ticket booking providers in the world which makes it confusing for a customer so as to which service should be used for booking their flights. Many times, the initial prices shown in the search are later on increased with attributes such as extra taxes, convenience fees etc and then the rates simply don’t remain and in many cases are even higher than other flight ticket providers.

So, here is the collection of Top 5 best websites to book cheap international flight tickets. They are mostly the airline fare search engines, who saves you time and filters automatically based on pricing and time. Here are the ones which I use personally.


I use SkyScanner majorly for any tickets to and from india always, and set the filter for price alerts and its spot on. All I do is the search and set the price alert and then wait for the price to go down, and when I get the expected price in my email, I just go ahead and book it immediately. SkyScanner can get you the best deal for flights, hotels and care rentals too. Personally I only use them for flights and car rentals.


Kiwi.com does the job for within the country flights for any country. I have found its pricing almost going half way down, or the regular pricing. Travellers all over the world mostly use Kiwi.com for all of their flight ticket bookings.


I use Kayak for my trip planner and also hotel deal search along with Agoda and Booking.com. Kayak sometimes have very good deals for flight ticket + hotel. Dont hesitate to contact them over email for the best deal possible if you are going to book with them. They have serious insider deals.

Google Flights

Whenever Im short of time, I just use Google Flights. Its search is so fast, you can literally search 20+ destinations and multiple hops of flights within seconds.


I use expedia.com for combo deals mostly and for the reason of PAY LATER option. Even expedia allows you to hold an air ticket for a specific price for a specific time. It does the job very well while you are waiting for your VISA sometimes.

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