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5 Reasons Why I keep Travelling

September 14, 2017

I have major wanderlust! I’m always thinking about the next place to go. Ha ha! I travel for work, to get out of my 18+ hours work schedule in India, to spend some time with my wife, create content, meet clients, etc. Im mostly into road trips, film making and creating stock content.

Remember, its almost impossible to travel places, unless you develop a skillset for yourself to pay for your travel, food, stay, everything. Its easier for me, since I pretty much work as a digital nomad, meaning all I need is a working internet connection to get my job done.

They say traveling makes you richer. The friends, lessons, diversity, growth, colour, opportunities I gained from my travels (both personally and professionally) has changed me forever, in ways that simply make me happier. If I had to define the most valuable thing, I would say it’s the change of perspective, the way I see success, opportunity, even business is transformed. Here are the 5 reasons, why I actually keep traveling.


For the last 10 years, I have been working with various kinds of clients, agencies, and organizations and its been fun so far. The credibility is really gold, when you actually meet those clients and discuss the projects, assignments, details over a lunch or drink. I keep on traveling, meeting clients all over the world which helps us get a lot of long term contracts as the clients gets to know us and we get to know the client too. I basically do travel films and cityscapes too, and create stock assets for companies, agencies and agents as well, who then sell it to their clients for a profit. It really works well, as this is what I do and this is what I love.


There is no end to learning, but there are many beginnings. I travel to learn a lot of good things about every city, culture, work model, lifestyle, language, valuation, etc. You never know, you may get to learn something the next moment from some absolute stranger right in the middle of the road. I remember of an instance while I had traveling all the way to a city in USA just to learn about some professional lighting tips from a hollywood filmmaker in December 2016. And it was pure gold. Even if I know everything, its never everything, there is always something to learn and adapt.


I work close to 18+ hours in a day while Im in India. I travel to get out of this robot life, so I break it into slots, like filming for half of the day and then working in the night. It really helps with more productivity as you are filled with the energy for more activity and work, since the lifestyle is not the same as it is back home. Traveling provides a momentary break from the humdrum of our daily lives. It provides adventure and excitement. We travel to escape our mundane lives and to move to a different beat al together.


Traveling helps me gain more confidence in myself. It teaches you how you interact with people, how you talk to people. Its all about your experience.
As you travel, anything can happen and you may end up in a pretty strange situation. The travel experience helps you learn to change quickly. Travelling is fraught with unknowns, you learn to think on your feet and solve problems efficiently. Experiences help bring meaning to our lives. They both shape and define us.


Traveling allow us to discover, whether it’s an interesting locale or a newfound favorite dish or an amazing mountain,etc. We travel to not only see more of the world and the people in it, but to also discover more about ourselves in the process. Through the challenges that we face and the experiences that we gain, we discover our strengths, our limitations, and our potential.

Enough to inspire you ?

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