5 Reasons why life in India is tough!

Life is difficult! It is difficult for you, for me and for everone else. It is difficult to even animals. Life is never meant to be easy.
I love my country, India, but are we really going ahead or really trying to fix the mentality or anything, that will make it a better country to live in ?
Being bhakt is absolutely fine, but trying to hide or ignore is stupidity, which is very common here in India.

There are very less reasons which would make you feel good staying and working in India. Except your family, the indian culture, the classic indian hospitality and the closest reach to the mind-blowing Indian cuisine/food, I doubt if there is any other reason which can make you feel proud.

Lack of personal freedom, lack of freedom of speech, excess religion, widespread corruption, immature policies, lack of foresight, general lack of concern for any other person, systematic oppression of women, excess tradition are very few reasons, for which we are not being taken seriously yet.

When I asked few of my american and european friends about their reasons to visit India, their reasons were,
“I want to experience the chaos in India”
“I would want to film the poor side of India”
“I would like to be carefree,do things and get away with a bribe.”

So, are we still trying to be a bhakt and ignore everything and just go ahead with the life, however it takes ?

Well, here are the 5 reasons which has been ruining the image of India and makes it really tough to life and work in India :

Jugaad Mentality

Jugaad- A Punjabi term which means alternative arrangement, a quick fix through the use of an unconventional but innovative method. “JUGAAD” has killed this country to the core. No matter what, everyone has to come up with some juggad. I might end up writing 1000 words, if I start typing the examples. I guess, everyone can make it out. “Jugaad” is a weird mentality of Indians.

Bribe & Corruption

Nothing in this country can move ahead or get done, unless bribe is paid. Corruption has been in our bloods and dirty politics has played a major role to support it for decades now. No wonder, every commodity or service have to consider bribe in some part of their process. Visitors and tourists have a pathetic experience, right from the moment they enter india, facing custom officers trying to earn something from them by harassing and boasting some weird rules every time.

Ignorant to Rules

Indians have never and will never follow rules. They always believe in mending rules to get ahead in the race. They have absolutely 0 sense of driving on roads. They hardly read complete and smartness is always at its peak. I pity our education system or our poor lazy mindset here ?

Haters mindset & Jealousy

Haters, crab mentality, jealously is the most serious thing in India. People are mostly losers. They absolutely cannot see others grow or happy. I dont remember of any instance since my childhood when I was jealous of someone else, but sadly I see a lot around me. People get jealous about how you lead your life, how you dress up, how you stay happy and smiling. I mean, common, if you cannot love, atleast dont hate or be jealous. Go do something good for yourself rather than wasting time on being jealous of someone or hating him/her for leading a better life than you.


Bhakts tell about the crazy population in India when questioned about cleanliness. Common, do you think india is bigger than USA and China or Russia ?
Anyone who has been to India will notice how dirty it is. Although this fact embarrasses a lot of educated Indians, it is a fact that cannot escape notice. The unfortunate thing is that India’s dirtiness cannot be written off due to its poverty, as there are plenty of other poor societies that are cleaner than India.
Many Indian houses are meticulously cleaned and spotless. Yet right outside rows of these clean houses, there are filthy streets with mountains of garbage. This shows that the public sphere is a concept in Indian society that has traditionally been absent.

Preference of Quantity over Quality

In spite of giving much focus on quality, they stress more on their price. Its been a ritual. Bargaining to the lowest possible value, has been a habit for most of the Indians. No matter, it wastes an hour or a day, they just wont give up. Anything free or cheap is going to get its way in India. And if something with superior quality is available with a higher price tag, people mock at it. Someone said, “quality consciousness whole depends on the standard of living in India.”
Well I call it, CRAP! Its the poor mindset of Indians, plain and simple. I have seen rich and middle class people trying to bargain for few bucks with a poor fruit seller, and they just wont give up until they win.
Most of the service providers all over the world, bang their head trying to deal with Indian customers. They just keep on asking everything for cheap and want everything to be done for free.



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