10 Reasons why Driving in India is an utter pain in the ass!

The saying is true – “If you have driven in India, you pretty much can drive anywhere in this world.”

Anyone who’s driven on Indian roads will know that potholes are the least of our worries. The biggest peril of driving on Indian roads are the drivers themselves! If you manage to get back home at least one day without shaking your head in frustration at the antics of some driver or the other, consider yourself lucky! The Indian Driving Douchebaggery are of different kinds.

I personally never ever drive in India, and if I dont have a friend or my driver to drive, I prefer Uber all the time. You can see that from my Uber Stats. And if someday Im driving, half of my time goes in abusing those idiots on road, who are more like gods on their caravan or chariots.

These are some characteristics of Indian drivers I would like to stress upon-

  • Drivers in India are overconfident when it comes to driving. In case an accident occurs, both parties have firm belief that it ain’t their mistake.
  • Indian drivers are tweaked to drive in heterogeneous traffic. We excell in using clutch and brakes.
  • Most of drivers lack patience. This is one of the major factor that separates out a good driver and a poor driver in India.
  • This point actually is an extension to previous one. We don’t have time to follow traffic rules.
  • The most annoying part is that they don’t know when to use high beam and when low beam.
  • Some may disagree but many drivers behave like a pervert. This takes their eyes off the road.
  • We don’t believe in breaks. A little tilt here, and a little turn there and we are through. Only lame drivers need to stop.
  • We don’t believe in driving lanes. Driving lanes are for sub-standard drivers to keep things easy for them. They are not for the champions!
  • We don’t believe in traffic signals. We believe in common sense. I see a clear road, who cares what the color the light is ?
  • We don’t believe in horn honking etiquette. What the hell is that ? Horns are meant to be blared.
  • We don’t believe in driving in a straight line. Life is a dance, you are a moron if you do it straight.

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