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The Exotic Love for Indian Food while traveling!

September 16, 2017

India is a land that boasts of some of the finest cuisine which are as diverse as its culture and tradition. Out of all the delicacies and cuisines available around the world, Indian recipes are the most coveted! No wonder when we find people saying, “There is nothing like Indian food.”

May be indian food is the only thing, we should be proud of. There are numerous reasons that Indian wedding food is so tasty and we just cannot live without it. The only limitation I have while traveling is the unavailability of indian food. My food bag gets more heavier than my goods bag most of the time and thanks to wife for that. Maggi is my best friend while I’m out.

Everytime I travel, I make sure, I have the trip advisor app detailed out with the indian restaurant locations.
And I make sure, I get a picture of my super amazing food all the time. Here are some of them.

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