Epic vlogs from an Epic New Zealand South Island Road Trip!

I just got back from New Zealand, and still everything feels like some blue lakes or some crazy snow clad mountains around me, when I close my eyes here at home in India. Let me tell you a little secret, the country is unreal – absolutely unreal. There is not a single moment you would be bored of driving in New Zealand.

Its like road to the heaven!
I would be making a detailed video about my itinerary and what all things you need to keep in mind before planning a road trip in New Zealand this weekend once Im getting free.
For now, enjoy the travel road trip vlogs which I did during my trip and I hope you love them, as much as I loved making them.

Soumendra Jena
Soumendra Jenahttps://www.soamjena.com
serial entrepreneur • digital nomad • visual storyteller

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