The Pressure of Social Media Content Creation!

June 21, 2018

The life of a social media influencer isn’t that colorful as you see. It involves a lot of hard work, research, time and drill. The lives of YouTube and Instagram stars can often look glamorous, but behind the scenes of making it a full-time job are challenges few know about. The best thing is, we make look everything good. But to get that done, it involves a lot of drill.
I’m creating content nearly every day. You need to be seen online, at all times, whether you’re being paid to or not. You have to keep on creating content which gets noticed today or tomorrow and you get paid for the time and work.  

Till day, 21st 2018, the only pressure I had with my content creation process was creating enough 16:9 4K footages and few vertical pictures for my instagram stories or feed pictures, and then super high resolution 8K images for clients and agencies. But today Instagram has came up with its new app IGTV, which again adds a new pressure for content creators or social media influencers like me. So, I have to get vertical footages now to weave short films for the IGTV now, which I can still crop from the 16:9 4K footages, but the vertical real estate looks the best when shot at 9:16 aspect ratio. So, it seems I have a lot of pressure right now, but Im still super pumped to accept it and go on.
What about you ?



    1. Do I have enough footages to weave the vlog ?
    2. Did I take an amazing shot for the YouTube video thumbnail ?
    3. Did I get enough pictures for instagram posts ?
    4. Did I take enough VERTICAL pictures for instagram stories ?
    5. Did I take enough vertical footages for the all new IGTV app ?
    6. Did I take a nice vertical image for the IGTV video thumbnail ?
    7. Did I take enough high resolution images to put up on stock websites ?
    8. Did I take enough shots to put up on stock footages ?
    9. Did I make sure, no faces or no famous buildings were showcased or revealed in the footages ?
    10. Do I have enough ideas to weave a script for next day vlog ?
    11. Did I choose the right music to match the tempo of the vlog ?
    12. Did I upload the right pictures to my facebook and twitter ?
    13. Did I send the pictures to wife and mom ?
    14. Did I upload to 500px and did the right keywording ?
    15. Do I have good enough internet speeds in the hotels/motels to upload to YouTube in the night ?

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