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July 2, 2018

I have spent 1000s of hours in last 10 years, helping people online and it surely takes time and time is crazy important for me. I have not been getting time to work on my own personal projects, as Im mostly swarmed with work, I hardly get time and getting even 5 minutes out of this schedule is tough for me. So, I need to make sure, Im getting paid for each of my second to make sure, to fund my creative journey. 

I respect time and expect the same from each of my friends, clients, relatives, followers, fans, haters!

So, I have finally stopped responding to every facebook message, Instagram message, youtube message, personal email, hangout message, WhatsApp message since a month now and I can tell you, I have saved more than 15-20 hours last month and that’s like adding 1 complete day to my productivity and that means a lot.

No matter how close a friend you are or a relative or client, you will need to head to my Patreon if you really want me to spend time answering to your questions.

And even if you dont have anything, you can still support my creative journey by becoming a Patron, and appreciate the hard work, as it isnt simple and takes a lot of time, money, energy to maintain such high production value.

The memberships are monthly recurring and you can stop, pause, continue anytime with it. They are on dollars, for a good reason 🙂

I will still explain the membership levels once.



– Gets you access to the private feed. And if you have a single question, which doesn’t take me more than 5-7 minutes to answer and close, then this is the membership for you. Basically, most people always have a single question or doubt and they need me to answer and I have to read skip ignore their message, as it needs time to respond back with a solution or feedback and this membership will enable it for you. Remember, monthly only single question – 5-7 minutes.


– Gets you access to everything behind the scenes in my life, Youtube, Travel, Road trips, lifestyle etc.


– Gets you access to my tips tricks section, where I post about how to make money online, how to travel and make money, tips and tricks about everything.


– Gets you access to my personal live chat for 30 minutes in a month for consulting.


– Gets you access to my personal live chat for 60 minutes in a month for consulting.


– Gets you access to my studio for an hour in a month and discuss anything you want. And access to all the above as well.


– This is my hourly pricing if you need me to do something remotely or help remotely.

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