Best Travel Expense Tracking App for your Phone!

Travel is fun and at the same time can be very very expensive, unless you are a backpacker at budget. I have no experience as a backpacker as my travel plans are normally very broad and extensive, due to the content industry I work, so I cannot compromise with cars, hotels, food, etc. And this involves a lot of small and big expenses, which becomes a menace to keep the records manually in iPhone notes. So, here is an app which I use to track my expenses while Im traveling, which I simply export for my accounts team once I get back and its done. 

What’s cool about this app is how simple it is to keep track of your daily budgeted amount. Its almost like a virtual accountant traveling with you. Its sick!

The app name is TRAVEL SPEND and its only available for Android right now. Not yet available for iOS. May be soon.

TravelSpend lets you keep track of your travel expenses and manage your budget. It’s a free well designed app packed with useful features for travelers. If you are looking to unlock the premium features and support the developer for his hard work, then I absolutely recommend to go ahead and buy it for 320 INR only.

Im sure, you pan gutkha daily budget is more than 320 bucks. So, go ahead.


The best features of this app are :

Sticking to your budget ?
The app will help you to keep track of your travel budget and your expenses.

Supports multiple currencies ?
You can add expenses in any currency. The app will automatically convert them to your home currency.

Gain insights from your spending ?
Your spending data will be visualized. You’ll be able to analyze your spending so you can stick to your budget.

Split costs with fellow travelers ? (Premium feature)
Share trips with fellow travelers to keep track of your expenses together and split costs.

Export your data ? (Premium feature)
You can export your spending data to a csv file.


Seriously, You don’t even need to check your pocket anymore.

Travel Spend can help you keeps track of travel expenses easy and simple. You can see how much is spent & available at a glance on the spot.

Soumendra Jena
Soumendra Jena
serial entrepreneur • digital nomad • visual storyteller

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