8 Documents you need for International Road-trips

If you are planning for an international road-trip, here are the 8 set of documents you need to get a car and start driving.

Valid Passport

You need to carry your valid passport, as the car rental company is going to keep a copy of it.

Valid Credit Card with Enough Credit Limit

You need to give them the credit card as the car rental company is going to hold a charge of 100-200$ or even more on the card, until you return back the car safe. The hold value depends on the car rental company.

Original Indian Driving License

Almost all of the countries accept Indian driving license. Make sure, its in english and you are carrying the original one.

Detailed Itinerary

Many car rental companies ask for the Detailed Itinerary, so they can tell you which car you would be able to take. For example, many companies donot allow you luxury cars if you have a road trip longer than 200-300 miles. The restrictions again, varies from company to company.

Booking Receipt

Make sure, you are carrying your online car rental booking receipt and the booking name has to match your credit card name, or they wont allow you to take the car.


I prefer getting all the available insurance addons from the car rental companies, which actually makes the booking very expensive, but its always safe to have them, because you have no idea what can happen any moment. But rest assured, you are 1000% safe, as its not India, where we have more assholes on the road.

International Driving License (if required)

There are some countries, who donot allow indian driving license. In that case, you need to apply for your International Driving License. You can apply it in your city by giving them your VISA and passport xerox copy.

Additional Driver Addon

If you are traveling with a friend and the friend is going to drive during the road trip, then you need to make sure, you have bought the additional driver addon from the car rental. Donot be an ass like in India, and take it granted and let your friend drive, without the paid addon. You might get screwed up by the police anytime and coming back to India might be a dream for you 😀

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