How I Plan for my Next Travel Photography!

I love to travel and I dont travel without my camera. Camera is my friend, best friend. I dont explore places, I dont visit places, I dont enjoy the moment – I only travel to make pictures and create content.

To sum up, I love photography and making pictures, been doing it since last 8 years and constantly evolving and learning things to see and capture the world from a different angle all the time. My travel happens only for this reason. So, before I travel, its normally backed up by a lot of research mostly. Here are my 5 things which I do to plan my next travel photography.


The very first decision is where to travel. Is it worth my time ? Is it worth my assets database ? Are those stock worth selling ? Has those stock got value now and in future ?


My second research happens about which is the best place in that city to stay. Normally, I choose the most upscale region so that I walk to all the spots or get connected to an easy transport media. I literally dont sleep. I get pictures and videos whole night. I have even sat in the middle of the road in lonely streets in New York, Bangkok, Beijing, Hongkong, etc for almost whole night to get the time lapses I need. Time runs so fast for me, when Im traveling and the stay decision has to be the best possible location and tallest possible hotel in that zone.


Before I start planning the images, I look for the best photos of that city or town or country on instagram, google images, 500px and Pinterest. I save as collections on instagram and Pinterest both. I even sort by day wise planning and hopping, so its easy for me to look at those and speed up my creative process and composition.


Almost every best city in the world has been explored by someone and someone would have definitely documented the best photo spots in a specific city. I always look for that blogger or vlogger and make my notes, list ready depending on their reviews and feedback. That helps me to plan my day wise schedule and decide the travel time to those photo spots and how to plan it each day.


My main genre of photography is aerial photography, arch photography, street photography. Im not into portrait photography, as I hate talking to anyone, as that disturbs my creative process.
Since I mostly do street stuff, I go see the google street view of the hotel I have booked and the nearby areas to think what kind of picture, I can create or make. Google street view is the best tool for me to know and understand the location, even before I reach the city or town.

Soumendra Jena
Soumendra Jena
serial entrepreneur • digital nomad • visual storyteller

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