Why I still use Sony a7sII as my main Filming Camera

I travel and film with 3 main cameras – Sony a7sII, Sony a7rIII and Panasonic GH5. Those are my work-horses and each has its own importance in my bag. I understand and respect each’s strong points and limitations both. Unless you know your gear, there is no way you can create amazing content.

Again, gear doesn’t make the content. Its the person, behind the gear.
My usage workflow is quite simple –
Sony a7rIII + Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM (vlogging & photography)
Sony a7sII + Zeiss Batis 25mm f2 (main filming with the gimbal)
Panasonic GH5 + Leica 8-18mm (Timelapses, Hyperlases, Slowmos)

Now the 2 BOMB reasons, why I still use the Sony a7sII as my main filming camera –


This camera is a beast. It can easily fight against a 30,000 USD RED Scarlet-W or an Arri Alexa Mini in terms of low light performance, of course Im not talking about the dynamic range those cinema cameras do, since they support raw and Sony a7sII does h264 at 100Mbps for 4K. But low light, bloody powerful. It can even see, when my eyes fail. It can see things in pitch dark situations with usable footages too. Also, this camera is my vlogging camera after 5pm, since Sony a7rIII is pretty useless once sun sets.


This is another main reason, which I still use the Sony a7sII, i.e, PLAY MEMORIES APPLICATIONS. God knows, why the f**k Sony removed the play memories apps support on a7rIII. Most of my creative shots which I need to get it quickly for my vlogs are done with the play memories app on my a7sII. It makes the workflow just so easy. I have purchased almost all of the play memories apps already since 2016. Its magician tools.

Oh yes, I forgot if you are looking to buy Sony a7sII right now, there you go!

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Soumendra Jenahttps://www.soamjena.com
serial entrepreneur • digital nomad • visual storyteller

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