3 Best Car Rental Companies in Iceland

Iceland is different, its deserted and lonely. You dont get your famous car rental companies like Alamo, Enterprise, Budget, Thriffty in Iceland. Whole of Iceland is managed by their own local car rental companies and there are lot of it. Car Rental in Iceland is bloody expensive. Almost thrice the price what you get in USA or Australia.

After my day long research, I have finally figured out 3 best car rental companies with no hidden charges and almost unlimited kms included with all kinds of insurance included as well.

Blue Car Rental

Blue Car Rental is the most trusted car rental company in Iceland, with the most success rate of getting the same car as you booked. They even an offer of 1 day free included if you book for more than 7 days, which is a nice deal. The best part is, there is no hidden charges, as they include all the insurance, taxes and everything in the booking on their website, so you know you are not being charged anything crazy when you reach.
Visit Website – https://www.bluecarrental.is/

Sad Cars

Sad Cars are one of the cheapest car rental companies in Iceland, where you can get cars for a very less price and the deals are for small cars only. If someone is on budget or doing backpacking with self drive, Sad Cars is the way to go. But they dont have any good premium cars in their collection.
Visit Website – https://sadcars.com/

Lagoon Car Rental

Lagoon Car Rental is the most preferred car rental company when it comes to luxury travel and business travelers. They have a Land Rover Discovery 4×4 available all the time for your booking, which is amazing. If you are looking to spend a bomb on your car rental with the best experience, Lagoon Car Rentals are the guys. But the only thing, which I hate is, they dont include the insurance addons in their price and you have to select them separately in the booking step and it gets really expensive. But overall, a very famous and most preferred car rental agency in Iceland.
Visit Website – https://lagooncarrental.is/

PROTIP – If you are looking for a car rental broking agency in Iceland, check North Bound (visit website) . They pick the best deals from all the Iceland Car Rental companies available and you may land a stellar deal. Contact them directly.
Have a great trip!

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