The Epic 12 Days – South Norway Roadtrip Itinerary

So, this is my personal South Norway roadtrip route. It took me exactly 7 days to research everything , book everything, layout everything. I guess, this is the best road trip route for south norway, anyone can do.

Day 0 – Arrive at Bergen

Day 1 & 2 –
Bergen to Hardangerfjord – 100km
Stay 1 more extra night Hardangerfjord for hikes

Day 3 –
Hardangerfjord to Aurland (Aurlandsfjellet route) – 175km

Day 4 –
Aurland to Jølster municipality (Gaularfjellet route) – 132km
Drive via Aurland – Lærdal – Sogndal – Fjærland – Jølster

Day 5 –
Jølster to Videsæter (Gamle Strynefjellsvegen route) – 115km
Visit Øvstefossen and Videfossen waterfalls

Day 6 –
Videsæter to Geiranger – 120km
See Stigfossen Waterfall

Day 7 & 8 –
Geiranger – Trollstigen – 146km
Stay 1 more extra night Trollstigen for hikes

Day 9 –
Trollstigen to Kårvåg (Atlanterhavsvegen route) – 120km

Day 10 –
Kårvåg to Vinjeøra – 130km

Day 11 –
Vinjeøra to Trondheim – 137km
Drop the car
Fly back to Bergen and fly back home

Soumendra Jena
Soumendra Jena
serial entrepreneur • digital nomad • visual storyteller

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