Tesla Car Rental in Norway

Now Norway is famous for the EV revolution. 1 out of every 10 car you see in Norway is going to be a tesla or some other EV car. Teslas are most common in Norway, and thanks to its taxes and subsidies. But if you are looking to get a Tesla on rent for your road trip in Norway, you are going to have a hard time find a rental company, who actually has some teslas in their arsenal.

As per the report from Norway, there are more than 500+ Tesla supercharger units spread all over the country.
So, you dont need to worry about the charging thing. All you need to get is the car.
Upon my research, I found there are only 3 companies, who actually can get you a tesla, if you are ready to spend the big money.

And they are,

Im personally going with one of my new friend from Oslo 😉

Just an example, it costs approximately 130$ per day for a Tesla in norway, which is quite expensive 🙁

And use this link to plan your road trip in Norway, if you are driving a Tesla –

Best settings are here –

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