Pandava Bakhara – The Ancient Mountain Cave in Odisha

Pandava Bakhara – The Ancient Mountain Cave in Odisha. Explore this hidden set of caves on the mountain in pathapur village.

Location :

Pathapur Village, Banki

Google Maps Route Map :

Guide Details :

Pathapur village has two small boys – Rinku and Nikhil. Just use their service, but they dont have contact details. Once you reach, they will find you and take you. Make sure to tip them with 300-500, as these kids are amazing.


Start early by 5am
Go on a motorcycle, donot take the car
Wear a good trek boot
Wear full sleeve T-shirt
The trek is difficult and not easy, please donot attempt to climb if you are afraid of height or not fit enough to do so.

Detailed vlog from our trip to this place :

Few Photos from our trip :

Soumendra Jena
Soumendra Jena
serial entrepreneur • digital nomad • visual storyteller

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