Why did I choose Mercedes Gwagon ?

I was personally never into cars or never explored anything about sports cars or luxury cars or supercars, until I knew I would be getting something nice for myself. My my luxury car Audi A4 in 2014 and then BMW Z4 m40i in 2019 and now I’m waiting for my Mercedes gwagon in 2021.

how my love for gwagon started

My first love for Mercedes gwagon started in USA, when I saw it in Los Angeles in 2016 during my road trip from to San Francisco. Gwagon is that car, which only few can understand and the rest will admire only. The road presence of a gwagon is much more than any Bentley or rolls Royce or Lamborghini. No matter where you go, everyone looks at it thinking why such a tank box style vintage car is still rolling. I love that fact about it the most – Mercedes has never changed the design of a gwagon since decades.
I’m sure I would have never wanted to get one for myself, if I had not seen it in person.
But the kind of price tag it comes at, it becomes an impossible task to actually afford to own one. I had to work extra hours to make it happen and it’s totally worth it.

reasons why i chose mercedes gwagon

To be very honest, I hate bad roads, poor roads, off roading, etc. But Gwagon is made for those off roads and bad roads only. Fundamentally, I should be using it for off roading and difficult road trips only, but since that’s not what I like, I would be using it for luxury road trips with my family only.And the major reasons to choose it was – the car is just so special and exclusive. You don’t get to see an gwagon everyday on the road. The feeling of driving an iconic car whose design has not changed for last 40 years, its special. And on top of that, the kind of luxury features it has – you will be blown away. The massage feature has more than 14 modes – the ambient lighting is no less than a gala show – the sound system is no less than a movie theatre experience.
Of course aerodynamics doesn’t play a role for G class owners, as most G class owners use it as utility vehicle, not a track or race car.

what were my other options

I had many good options against the Mercedes gwagon, like Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Sports, Mercedes GLS, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, BMW X6M, BMW X7, Audi RsQ8 – but when my head is set to a design – its difficult to move me from my decisions.
Those options were much cheaper and would have saved me a lot of money too, but it had to be G in SJ garage.

ordering process & delivery time

I will explain this in a separate blog, as its a long process and delivery allocation takes months if not years in India at least. For many countries, people even are waiting for last 2 years for their Gwagon delivery.

why its so expensive

Its expensive, because its exclusive. You cannot get a gwagon instantly if you like. You have to wait. Everyone in the world waits for its, Its exclusive and then expensive.

why its special for me

Im not a rich guy who can afford to buy and keep multiple cars. I work to fuel my passion for cars and bikes. And gwagon was a tall achievement for me to feel good about it. Its just so expensive, I had to ask myself multiple times before I started working for it and finalising it. I have sold all of my cars now, so I can stay happy with one single car and use it to the maximum to create content what I like doing.

Here in this video, you can see my excitement level and how I had decided to go for it the same day itself.

hustle in silence, let your success make the sound of your achievements 🙂

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