Delivery Status of my Gwagon & Tracking the Ship

So, it has been a quite long waiting period, and the wait has been sweet, as the excitement never ends.

I had done my configuration for the gwagon on February 23 2021 and the order payment to the mercedes dealership on 3rd March 2021. Normally, a gwagon build and delivery takes 6 months of time, due to heavy bookings from all over the world. But I was fortunate enough to get my allocation in may 2021 slot. So the car has been manufactured on May 2021 and it was shipped to India via ship in June 2021. And now the delivery is scheduled for July 2021.
The mercedes gwagon engine is completely hand built and the engineers take 140 hours to build it completely. Every Mercedes G-Class is hand built in Graz, Austria.

Once its built, then its taken to Schöckl for testing. Schöckl is a mountain in the Austrian state of Styria. It is about 14 km north of the city center of Graz, the capital of Styria.
Every new G-Class has to conquer the Schöckl. Mercedes-Benz uses the 1,445 metre high local mountain near the Austrian city of Graz as a test track. The 5.6 km route includes gradients of up to 60 percent and lateral inclinations of up to 40 percent.

Had it been no covid, I would have personally gone to Germany for a G-Class training and experience centre, which Mercedes officially sells ticket for on their website. Of course, they charge a lot for this experience, but it would have been worth it. May be some time soon we can try 🙂

I was also planning to goto Germany to see and try each and every configuration add-on and leather option, as G-class customisation list is huge and it costs a lot of money too.
But COVID ducked all of our plans, sad.

Anyways the car is reaching today to India and it should be ready for delivery by this week end.
A mercedes G-class is always built in Austria. Once its done and tested, then it gets shipped to Germany to Bremerhaven port. From Bremerhaven port, it gets shipped via ship to all the countries in the world.
The ship in which my car was shipped is Morning Composer Vessel which left Germany on 16th June 2021 and reached India on 19th July 2021.

You can read more details about this ship here.
But tracking a ship and its movement in the international waters isnt easy. I had to use multiple websites to track it.
First I used this website to get the IMO number.
Once I had the IMO number, I used this website to track its movement.

Now the car is under customs clearance process. Expect to get some photos in next few days 🙂

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