How I Lost my Weight – 84kg to 68kg

Losing weight is not easy, but if you have the determination to do it, then no one can stop you getting the best shape of your life.
Getting motivated is easy and getting inspired from other fitness goals is also easy, but to actually execute it and stick it to your own lifestyle, it actually becomes impossible unless you really stick to what you have planned.

Let me tell you very honestly, losing weight is easy, if you have the control on your yourself. The only thing which plays the major role in weight loss process is what kind of calorific deficit you are able to maintain on an everyday scale.
And proper diet is the main key to success. No matter how much time you spend in the gym or with weight training, if your food habits are bad, no one can help you lose weight.

Here are all the things I had done back in 2019 to lose my weight from 84kg to 68kg and it actually took more than a year.
I sticked to 5 things – Ketogenic Diet + Intermittent Fasting + 15 Minutes of HIIT + 30 Minutes of Weight Training + 2km Walk Everyday.

Anyone who says, weight loss is easy and and quick, they are all bluffing. Its not easy and it takes a lot of time. For me, it took more than 1 year to get to 68kg from 84kg.
I only had 1 cheat meal in first 3 months and then it was 2 cheat meals every month on Sundays.

Once your metabolism is fixed in few 6 months, then you can actually go easy on your diet.
Ketogentic diet is not recommended to continue for a very long time, as its high fat and low carb diet basically. From my own experience, one can stop keto diet in 6 months once they reach their goal and then move on with maintenance calories via normal regular diet only.

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