Building a New Workstation at Office – Behind the Scenes!

Till July 1st week, I was all in to move permanently to Dubai with family, but the COVID really take a break and flights are not resuming back too. Its been months of waiting and Im tired now.
So, I have decided to keep pushing from India until COVID gets settled completely, and then we move out. So the first step was to renovate my office cabin space, which has not gone through a change since last 4 years.

What all being Changed

First off, we changed the layout of my room and changed the positions of the desks and chairs. Now the executive section sits on the left where I do my meetings and then on the right, my mega workstation would be staying. It will be two huge 4K displays connected to a Mac Mini M1 to get the job done nicely and with best performance. We also changed my walls with some dark design themes of mine. In case you want to buy the same wallpapers for your office or home wall, order it here.

Why the Workstation

I work with multiple big screens always since years as I have multiple companies and tasks to handle at the same minute always. But since a year I have been working on MacBook Pro at my office, as I spend less time at office due to my Youtube video schedule. Now due to COVID, most of my time again gets spent in office and working with a small screen on MacBook Pro was hurting my eyes. So I had to replicate the exact same setup of my home-office to my main-office now.

Office Wall Re-Design

So, we have changed our office walls too and this time its not the old age wallpaper thing, but a different high quality studio grade wall wrapper.
They call it NEXT GEN WALLPAPER – WALL WRAPPER and the MATERIAL TYPE – PROFESSIONAL STUDIO GRADE MATTY+. Exactly what I needed, as I hate gloss, Im always in for Matte Black.
And this startup is from one of my friend only. If you are looking to order SOAMJENA wallpaper collection for your home or office, order it online here on their website and use the coupon code SOAMJENA for 25% discount too. Happy shopping!
NOTE – Its the best thing to get a new look for your home or office instantly. Installation is very easy and they have installation teams all over the country. Contact them directly!

Workstation Planning & Execution

I have made a detailed video explaining the whole process, do watch it and make your notes.

Workstation Products Used

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Final Look of the Office

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