My Habit of Using Notebooks for Tasks

Im not sure about others, but my habit has always been using a notebook or diary everyday at home and office. No matter how may cloud apps we use everyday – the feeling of ticking the tasks out – crushing the pending list gives a different feel altogether.

I mostly use Google Tasks for my personal tasks, Microsoft Todo for office teams and one notebook for writing the tasks and ticking them off one by one. You can buy my notebooks here.

Its Sunday today, 25th July 2021. Woke up around 4.45am, left for a 2.5km walk and was listening to this audiobook today. You may buy the book on Amazon India online. Its highly recommended.

Came back home at around 5.30am and started listing my tasks for Sunday after checking the emails. Since yesterday I had gone to Bikash’s home for a party, half of my day was spent there and a long pile of work was pending to be audited and verified at office. Got everything inline and started work at around 5.45am.

The plan was to goto office today and finish the yesterday office-pending-task-list – but it was a Sunday and I wanted to spend some time with Monali and Ritch and chill at home.

So, did not goto office and continued at home itself.
The task list had around 22 items and almost 20 have been completed by now, the rest two will be done before I goto bed.

Trimmed the beard, took a cold shower, removed the body-hairs (the most boring task, but I like it clean always). Sat in my theatre room and started watching a movie on Netflix – Chernobyl 1986 (2021) at around 9am – here is my review and rating.

Then stepped back to my home office at 11.30am and continued with other pending tasks and completed few. Again started a Bollywood movie – SHERNI on Amazon Prime. Review and rating is here.

I did not upload any video today to SOAMJENA channel at 9am, even if I have the content ready – because I was busy closing a big brand deal since last few days and it has finally got closed today. So, I need to sit and script the videos for this week for that brand and get them validated too. So, a lot of work this week has been scheduled already.

I wanted to continue with intermittent fasting window today till 2pm, but when you are home, you are always hungry. Same happened and I had some peanuts at 9.30am while watching the movie. And since then, PET MEIN KHALBALI. Then I had roti and omelette too, but the stomach is not very happy. May be, will have to end the day with a spoon of diavol, ha ha!

Then we had planned to make a ODIA food vlog today – of Chicken Salad, but the chicken reached late and I had no mood to shoot today too. So, we are keeping it for next week.

Now I will have the lunch and then will see, if I want to edit one ODIATOKA vlog for tonight and schedule it for 9pm tonight before I call it a day and continue watching a movie with wife.

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