Went to Village After One Year

Mostly Im always at work and dont get time to meet or talk to anyone.
But mom wanted me to visit village with them for the grand-mother’s ceremony even if it was a working day that day. I had to get up early in the morning and finish up all the tasks to make sure, there is nothing pending in my list before I set out for village.
Plan was to take the GSA and leave for village, but then I went in my old Hyundai i20 with one of my office team member, as it was a rainy forecast for that day.

Wife and son also wanted to come with us in the car, but I did not take them due to COVID precautions and avoid any type of contact with anyone.
We started driving at 1.30pm, reached village by 2.30pm and had our lunch at 3pm – left for Bhubaneswar by 5pm.

Mom also had packed lunch for Monali and she was waiting for me to reach, so she could have her lunch.

I had decided not to eat anything and just had paneer – but its difficult to make parents understand anything about diet or food selection.
So, I ended up having, rice, dal, paneer, everything lol.

Here is the full video!

And while returning, I had taken a photo too while trying to feel the village-air, which is always so pure and everything looks so green and nice.

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