Mega Cheat Meal After Two Months

On 23rd, we took the delivery of Range Rover Sport for my friend, Bikash and the next day, it was his elder brother’s daughter birthday party, so we had to drive from Bhubaneswar to Panikoili.

I normally avoid going to any parties or get togethers – especially during this critical COVID times, but Bikash had requested a lot to attend. Me and my other friend, Ankeet – we left from Bhubaneswar at 5.30pm towards Panikoili.
We took Ankeet’s Tata Nexon and he drove the whole time. We filled the car with expensive petrol – which is currently 102 INR per litre and continued driving.
It was raining really bad just after Chandikhol and rained all throughout the way till Panikoili.
But thankfully it was not raining at the venue location, of else the whole party would have been a sad show, as it was a complete outdoor event with a lot of arrangements.
Here is a glimpse of Bikash’s new RR Sport and his Mustang.

I had taken my camera with me too, but did not vlog much, as I wanted to enjoy the clean air and have some good chicken salad.

But ended up having Gupchup, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Prawn Curry, Masala coldrink and Chicken Kebab with fish finger too.

It was a lot of good food and it becomes impossible to resist once you see the food. As long as you dont see good food, its fine, you can resist or just try not to remember, but once you see it, you have to eat it.

It was a mega cheat meal, it was lot of good food and I had jalebi twice almost 🙂

Sometimes, you have to relax and stop calculating calories too and just enjoy the day with your friends and good food.

Soumendra Jena
serial entrepreneur • digital nomad • visual storyteller

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