Finally selling my Macbook Pro with Touchbar ❤️

Finally, it’s time to sell the Macbook Pro 15 inches with a nice color touch bar. This was my main editing machine during my travels.
Here are the specs 🙂

Im selling it for 90,000 INR only and you may simply do the UPI to ODIATOKA@HDFCBANK
Once the payment is done, send the payment screenshot with the full address to and my team will ship the MacBook pro with charger the same day to you.
Here are some photos of my computer.

I remember, how much work I had put in to get this computer for myself. This version never came to India, as it was the most beefed-up edition and the most expensive option in 2017 with 512GB hard drive option.
I had flown to New York, USA to find this, but NYC sales tax was crazy, so I had to fly to a tax-free state, Oregon to get it.
I had picked it on Aug 22 2017 from Portland, Oregon Apple Store.
I still have the photos from that day in the Apple Store.


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