SOAMJENA Webinar & Algo – Step by Step Guide ⚡

SOAMJENA Webinar & Algo

Here goes the step-by-step guide for the December 17 2022 webinar by SOAMJENA about an option buying strategy based on an indicator.

This was a 3-hour-long live webinar with 1000+ students and here we have explained the full end-to-end details about this OPTION BUYING STRATEGY where SEHWAG and DRAVID are our BANKNIFTY Strategies and KOHLI and DHONI are our NIFTY strategies.

You need to first watch the webinar and understand the whole logic of this strategy. Unless you understand the core of it, it won’t make sens to run the algo for it or do it manually.

Click here to watch the 3 hour long webinar video! 📹

Once you have watched the full webinar, you should be able to apply the logic directly on the live market or even back test with live NSE data at stockmock.

Now if you want to buy the algos for this strategy, here are the links :

ALGO PACK (banknifty) (sehwag & dravid)

ALGO PACK (nifty) (kohli & dhoni)

We also have a private telegram group only for the algo traders, where we discuss everything about algo trading. You may join it here :


And if you have questions or doubts, you may email us at

And if you have purchased or looking to purchase the algos and for questions, submit a ticket here at our helpdesk, we would be happy to help!

And here are the brokers which we recommend for API of algo trading :





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