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    10 Reasons why Driving in India is an utter pain in the ass!

    September 16, 2017

    The saying is true – “If you have driven in India, you pretty much can drive anywhere in this world.”

    Anyone who’s driven on Indian roads will know that potholes are the least of our worries. The biggest peril of driving on Indian roads are the drivers themselves! If you manage to get back home at least one day without shaking your head in frustration at the antics of some driver or the other, consider yourself lucky! The Indian Driving Douchebaggery are of different kinds.

    I personally never ever drive in India, and if I dont have a friend or my driver to drive, I prefer Uber all the time. You can see that from my Uber Stats. And if someday Im driving, half of my time goes in abusing those idiots on road, who are more like gods on their caravan or chariots. Continue Reading

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    5 Reasons why life in India is tough!

    Life is difficult! It is difficult for you, for me and for everone else. It is difficult to even animals. Life is never meant to be easy. I love my country, India, but are…

    September 15, 2017