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    My help/support/consulting is on Patreon now!

    July 2, 2018

    I have spent 1000s of hours in last 10 years, helping people online and it surely takes time and time is crazy important for me. I have not been getting time to work on my own personal projects, as Im mostly swarmed with work, I hardly get time and getting even 5 minutes out of this schedule is tough for me. So, I need to make sure, Im getting paid for each of my second to make sure, to fund my creative journey.Β  Continue Reading

  • Personal Travel

    5 Reasons Why I keep Travelling

    I have major wanderlust! I’m always thinking about the next place to go. Ha ha! I travel for work, to get out of my 18+ hours work schedule in India, to spend some time…

    September 14, 2017
  • Personal

    Soumendra Jena’s Home-Office Setup!

    Me and my wife just moved into a new place a month back. I added a few more touches to my home office setup design last month and just finished it last week .…

    September 12, 2017