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    The Epic 12 Days – Iceland Ring Roadtrip Itinerary

    August 7, 2018

    So, this is my personal iceland ring roadtrip route. It took me exactly 7 days and over 50 hours to research everything , book everything, layout everything. I guess, this is the best road trip route for iceland, anyone can do. I have gone through 100s of ring road route plans and itineraries but none were promising. I went ahead and planned it myself stop by stop and it looks amazing now.

    NOTE – This is my personal route plan, as my interests are only into photography, filming and droning. Im not into activities or hikes. I like to drive, film the nature, film myself, do vlogs, shoot, edit and upload everyday.

    Im planning to release my hardbook for Iceland once I get back. Now the route plan with my detailed dates, stops, accomodation, everything.  Continue Reading