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Got my Dubai Driving License in 4 Days Only!


So, I just got my UAE Driving License in straight fire 4 days after hours and hours of driving here to pass my exam in the 1st attempt.
In case you want to apply for the same package which I went for, apply here.

Finally selling my Macbook Pro with Touchbar ❤️


Finally, it’s time to sell the Macbook Pro 15 inches with a nice color touch bar. This was my main editing machine during my travels.

Selling my BMW 1250 GSA 2020 Model ❤️


I would be mostly moving to Dubai by next month and won’t be getting time to ride here in India. So, may be its time to sell the GSA.
But Im willing to keep it and ride if I dont get a good customer 😉

The price is fixed at ₹22,00,000. The bike location is Bhubaneswar.
If you need it shipped to your location, it will be extra ₹50,000 and my team will pack it – ship it to any address in India.

Its registered here in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and the Number is OD02BN 1602. The insurance is paid and valid till 10th Sept 2022.
Its currently done 7700km and 1st service has been done in the BMW Official Showroom here in Bhubaneswar.

NOTE- The price is fixed as I won’t have time to talk. If you go for the new 2021 model, and install all the same accessories it will be approx 30L. So, 22L is still a good deal.
And this might be the only GSA which has never been on any off roading or bad road trips lol.

Accessories Installed List :

My Gwagon has Arrived from Germany!


My Gwagon has Arrived from Germany!

Mega Cheat Meal After Two Months


On 23rd, we took the delivery of Range Rover Sport for my friend, Bikash and the next day, it was his elder brother’s daughter birthday party, so we had to drive from Bhubaneswar to Panikoili.

Went to Village After One Year


Mostly Im always at work and dont get time to meet or talk to anyone.

A Rushed Delivery Experience – Range Rover Sport 2021

On 23rd July 2021, my friend Bikash called me up to get ready for the delivery of his Range Rover Sport and the whole process was kind of very rushed and quick.

Why did he Choose Range Rover Sport

Bikash wanted to go for Mercedes G350d same as my config but with red seats – but had to drop the plan – since the current schedule of waiting period 8 months for delivery. So, the best choice next to Gwagon was either a Porsche Cayenne or a Range Rover Sport. Since, Porsche doesnt have service backup in Bhubaneswar, it was decided to finalise the Range Rover Sport directly and we need it in black only.

Pricing & Addons

The total amount paid was approx 1.22 crores for this, as this is the Petrol 2.0L variant with various addons loaded to the car.
Few more addons has also been ordered, which will be coming in next 15-20 days, then will be installed.

Delivery Process Almost Failed

The delivery was actually messed up as the truck did not reach in time, and then by the time PDI was done, it was almost 9pm in the night.
Full video is here.

Finally, the delivery!

But we had decided to close the day with delivery only and we waited patiently for the whole documentation process to end and finally the delivery happened. Full video is here.

Customisation & Upgrades

Since Black Edition of Range Rover Sport doesnt come to India, we have to make a lot of customisation to this to make it exact black edition, like we need. We are also ordering few carbon fiber parts and a SVR exhaust conversion DIY kit to make the rear stand out a bit.

Full Review ?

Full review, I will do it someday for you guys, until then let me know what all videos do you want to see about the Range Rover Sport – so I can plan and get it done.

Few photos here from the delivery moment!

Height Adjustable Desk for Office Review & Unboxing

If you are someone who work for long hours in front of a computer, its highly recommended to move from fixed height desk to height adjustable desk.